Enjoy being guided through a selection of five of our wines as you overlook one of our vineyards and the Pedernales River Valley, group size limit of 6. For groups up to twelve, select "Large Group Tastings."
Enjoy a tour of our winemaking facility and learn about our winemaking process as we sample wines straight from the barrel, group size limit of 6. Due to the nature of this tour, all guests in Barrel Tastings must be at least 21.
Enjoy an educational, guided cheese pairing with your tasting. Group size is limited to 8 guests. Under "General Reservations" select "
Wine & Cheese Pairing."
For our wine club members and their guests only, enjoy a seated tasting experience in our century old farmhouse. There is a maximum group size of 6 in the farmhouse. For larger groups, use "General Reservations" and select "Large Group Tastings." Be sure to let us know of any special occasions in the notes.

Discover William Chris Vineyards

When you pull off the highway to William Chris you'll discover the simple charm of an early-Texas farm property suspended in time.

Our family-owned winery rests above a gently sloping estate vineyard, centered around our historic tasting room, the 1905 Deike Family farmhouse. Here you will experience Texas wine in the warm glow of antique windows, aged wood, and century-old architecture. The wonder of old-time doors creating a patchwork ceiling, as well as many other creatively repurposed pre-industrial farm and winery materials, provide surprises across the entire property.

Our wine tastings emphasize an intimate environment where our passion for Texas winegrowing will inspire you to reflect on Old-World tradition and the artisan quality of our limited-vintage wines. A large wine tasting bar built out from the original farmhouse structure frame a sweeping view. 

Looking out beyond deck seating, distant hills rise impressively over the rows of vines and quiet Live Oak groves. Music, small bites, and wine-lovers from the world over are likely companions on this vineyard-side patio.

Among the folks you may encounter, our closest followers, regarded by us as Hye Society, have access to experience our winery at its finest.

Laid back hospitality and celebrations that span across the entire property are what we hang our hat on. From formal dinners in the winery to late evening parties under our ancient Oak grove to tours of the vineyard and select wine flights from our library, our Hye Society embodies all of our hopes for aspirations for winegrowing in this special place.

Whether you are new to the Hill Country or a frequenter to our locale that has yet to set foot in the town of Hye, we invite you to grab a glass, kick your feet up and discover the Hill Country like you never have before.

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