Shipping Included with 6 Bottles or More.
Shipping Included with 6 Bottles or More.

William Chris Wine School

A Partner and Provider of Various Wine Education Programs and Certifications

Wine Education

Wine education has been central to our mission since we opened our doors, and it is with your support and interest that we present William Chris Wine School. It is core to our belief that understanding Texas 'terroir' means seeing wine as more than a beverage - wine is food; it is a product of agriculture; it is an experience. To truly connect with what's in the glass, we aim to offer a diverse collection of classes and certification courses that will empower any casual wine drinker, Texas wine professional, or connoisseur with the tools to unearth the patterns of excellence found in real Texas-grown wine. Please contact for inquiries.

Director of Education

Curriculum and instruction led by Kelsey Kramer, the Director of Education at William Chris Wine Co. since 2022. Due to a B.F.A. in Acting, Kelsey's method of teaching is interactive, upbeat, and reassuring. Her wine background includes 10 years in hospitality, practical knowledge of wines from around the world, wine business, and viticulture, with an intensive focus on the growth of the Texas wine industry.