Texas Wine Ambassador Certification

Introducing the Texas Wine Ambassador Certification through William Chris Wine Co.! This one-of-a-kind course takes you from the basics of what wine is to the depths of Texas soils, with the goal of impacting others with Texas-grown wine in a concise and meaningful way. Every Texas Wine Ambassador will gain here the skills needed to combat the misconceptions of Texas wine, identify the core themes of growing grapes within the state, and how to enhance these wines through service.For years, the intensive internal training of our team has been at the front of our calling, but it is only by creating Ambassadors of Texas wine outside of our doors that this industry can thrive to its fullest extent, impacting those far beyond our doors. 


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This certification course is exclusively offered through William Chris Wine Co. and was created to support and sustain a region during its era of explosive growth.

Join us in celebrating the wines we and our neighbors grow through this brand-new offering happening at William Chris Wine School! Find our upcoming courses here and sign-up here: 

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