20 Year Old Vine Tasting 1 PM
Black Friday Special Event

20 Year Old Vine Tasting 1 PM
Sold Out - join us for New Year's Black Eyed Pea Cookoff
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Sold Out - join us for New Year's Black Eyed Pea Cookoff

Join winemaker Chris Brundrett of William Chris Vineyards for our first ever 20-year “Old-Vine” tasting.

The term “old-vine” is typically associated with vineyards 40 years old or older, Producing vines planted in the Texas terroir tend to be much younger. In Texas, a well-established vineyard aged 20-years or more. While shy of the "old-vine" label, these vineyards yield some of the best fruit in the state.

Come learn why 20-year old vines are so special with a guided tasting with Chris.

“These old sages’ canopies, leaves, fruit and trunk, are thinner allowing for more daytime sun soaks and the food delivery system has less to fight with to get nutrients to the grapes. Often in these wines you will get soft concentrated fruit and tannin with a good amount of acidity. Where once these vines made wines of elegance, they now make wine that are regal.” Vinepair

Older vines are desirable because they produce fewer grape clusters resulting in flavors that are much more concentrated. Taste the difference between three of Chris’s favorite “old-vines” and compare them to the younger, single-vineyard Malbec grown on Hye Estate*.

Enjoy a 90-minute session featuring these single-vineyard wines. To give you the best possible experience, each session is limited to 25 guests.

Featured wines

  • 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, Granite Hill Vineyards
  • 2015 Merlot, Granite Hill Vineyards
  • 2015 Merlot, Hunter Vineyards
  • 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, Dolores Mountain

Bonus tasting

  • 2014 Malbec, Hye Estate*

Tickets - $25 per person

Please review our cancellation policy.