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In the Cellar

In the Cellar, Bill and Chris trust each wine to come into its own with as little intervention as possible. The red wine program is centered around the pre-industrial method of open air fermentation whenever possible. Daily punchdowns by hand allow for the most delicate maceration process during fermentation. Once each allotment of wine has been barreled, they practice minimal handling, many wines taking on increasing complexity and depth for years to come. Still wine is racked with the goal of minimum air contact over a 12-18 month barrel program consisting of high-quality French, American and Eastern European oak. First to third-year barrels, with varying levels of toast, are matched to the needs of each lot.

Based on years of dedication to growing many varietals throughout the state of Texas, Bill and Chris understand the role played by blending. More and more, Texas is becoming known for unique and compelling blends as certain varietals demonstrate their character in different vineyards, under particular management techniques. Bill and Chris meticulously blend with each varietal's strengths in mind in order to achieve wines that are both balanced and that emphasize the flavors that are unique to the vineyards in which they are grown. In this way, Bill and Chris work to create wines that are authentic expressions of each particular vintage and that truly represent the best of Texas.