Estate Vineyards

Brundrett Estate
San Angelo, Texas
3 Acres
Established: 2009
Varietals: Petit Verdot, Muscat Blanc
Soil content: Deep clay loam
Elevation: 1,884 feet
Terroir characteristics:
Reds: Rich velvety texture, lots of dark fruit and citrus notes

Bruce Brundrett, father to Chris, wanted to help out the family in any way possible. He and Chris first planted Blanc du Bois in 2008 by unrooting cuttings given by Lewis Dickson of La Cruz De Comal

Granite Hill Vineyards
Willow City, Texas
20 Acres
Established: 1996
Varietals: Clone 3 Merlot, Clone 7 Cabernet Sauvignon, Trebbiano Toscano
Soil content: Hickory Sand over clay and granite bedrock
Elevation: 1,650 feet
Annual Precipitation: 22”
Terroir characteristics:
Reds: Soft Tannins, red and blue fruit, minerality, floral notes, baking spices, tobacco, and other spice box notes.
Whites: Mineral notes, balanced acidity, citrus and stone fruit.

One of the Hill Country’s oldest operational vineyards, Granite Hill Vineyards produces some of the region’s finest winegrapes. Only a few miles from Enchanted Rock, as the crow flies, Granite Hill rests on a 2 percent slope just north of Willow City. The soils are hickory sands coming from the middle hickory. The soil pH ranges from 6.2 -6.7. The well-drained sands produce intense and well balanced fruit. Granite Hill Vineyards Merlot and Cabernet Souvignon goes toward the production of William Chris Enchanté, our flagship wine, and the Trebbiano Toscano goes into our varietal white Trebbiano Toscano.

Hye Estate Vineyard
Hye, Texas
6 Acres
Established 2012 
Varietals: Malbec, Tannat, Petit Verdot, and Mourvedre

Hunter Family Vineyard
Brownfield, Texas
Planted: 1986, 1991
Varietals: Merlot Clone 3 on SO4 rootstock
Soil content: 3 feet of Amarillo Fine Sandy Loam over clay base with calcareous sub-soil 
Elevation: 3,100 feet
Annual Precipitation: 18.5"
Terroir characteristics: Red fruit, black pepper, orange peel, candied cherries, vanilla, brown sugar, and sage.

One of Texas's longest operating vineyards, the Hunter Family Vineyard was one of the first vineyards that William Blackmon managed. Established by Jacque and Eunice Hunter in 1986, the vineyard is one of the few examples of a Texas vineyard that has been growing long enough to reach full maturity. The last vintage of the original 1986 Cabernet Sauvignon planting was vinified in 2012.