Wine Growing

"When it comes to wine, there is no ingredient more important than location.The land, air, water and weather where grapes are grown are what make each wine unique." - Wine Origins


At William Chris Vineyards, we believe that when it comes to wine, location matters. That’s why you will find that William Chris uses only Texas grown grapes. The unique characteristics of the Lone Star terroir give our Old World style wines a Texas flair found nowhere else.

Half of the grapes for our wines come from vineyards either owned or managed by William Chris, while the other half are sourced from family owned vineyards we choose to partner with based on shared growing philosophies.

We believe in a hands-on approach to winemaking. As veterans of the wine industry, both Bill and Chris know that nothing compares to “footsteps in the vineyard.” That attention to the origins of each William Chris vintage, the step by step scrutiny of each phase of wine development, and the artful crafting of each barrel sets our wines apart and allows us to consider ourselves winegrowers instead of wine makers.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Where does wine grow in Texas? 


Wine OriginWhen it comes to wine, location matters. That's why William Chris Vineyards has joined with 23 of the leading wine regions of the world to support Truth in Labeling as a part of the global Wine Origins initiative. We support global efforts to uphold the integrity of each winegrowing region and their place names.