Wine Growing

Winemakers William (Bill) Blackmon and Chris Brundrett bring a combined 35 years of winegrowing experience in creating wines that lean on Old World techniques to deliver a signature winemaking style. They follow a philosophy that delivers wines of structural balance and delicate nuance, allowing the terroir of each specific vineyard’s fruit to dictate the choices they make in bringing each vintage from vineyard to bottle.

Bill and Chris call themselves ‘winegrowers’ rather than winemakers, and they emphasize the importance of “putting footsteps in the vineyard.” As veterans of the Texas viticulture industry, they’ve come to the conclusion that an intimate attention to the particular needs of each block of every vineyard is necessary to achieve the best possible quality. Select blocks are then hand-picked and sorted for ripeness, with some of the state’s most mature High Plains and Hill Country vineyards featured exclusively at William Chris.