Enoch's Stomp Vineyard

Enoch’s Stomp sits on 90 acres of rolling hills in East Texas. The vineyard was planted in 2004, one year after, Altus, a fifth-generation winegrower from South Africa moved to the United States.  

The property has 12 acres of grape vines including lesser known varietals, such as William Chris Vineyards's Blanc du Bois, that grow especially well in the East Texas terroir. The East Texas terroir has variable weather patterns, heat, humidity and disease that all create unique challenges for the wine growers at Enoch's Stomp. However, with meticulous attention to detail and a connection to the land itself, their chosen varietals not only survive but thrive. 

  • Owners: Altus Koegelenberg and Jon Kral
  • Location: Harleton, Texas
  • Planted: 2004
  • Varietals: Blanc DuBois

Enoch's Stomp - Texas Wine Growing