Hunter Family Vineyard

One of Texas's longest operating vineyards, the Hunter Family Vineyard was one of the first vineyards that William Blackmon planted as he began his viticulture career. Established by Jacque and Eunice Hunter in 1986, the vineyard is one of the few examples of a Texas vineyard that has been growing long enough to reach full maturity. The last vintage of the original 1986 Cabernet Sauvignon planting was vinified in 2012.

  • Owners: Eunice Hunter
  • Location: Brownfield, Texas
  • Planted: 1986
  • Varietals: Merlot Clone 3 on SO4 rootstock
  • Soil: Amarillo fine sandy loam over clay base with calcareous sub-soil 
  • Elevation: 3,100 feet
  • Annual Precipitation: 18.5"

Vineyard owner Marque Hunter with a bottle of our trademark Hunter blend.