William Chris Estate Vineyards

What is an estate vineyard?

For a winery to call a vineyard an estate vineyard, the grapes harvested from that vineyard must come from the AVA (America Viticultural Area) in which the winery is located. The winery must also manage and farm (but does not have to own) the vineyard from which the grapes come for at least 3 years.

Though William Chris manages and grows in many vineyards and partners with other grape growers throughout the Texas, only wines using grapes from 3 vineyards may use the words “estate” on their labels. Our winery and our estate vineyards reside in the Hill Country AVA (except for the Granite Hill Vineyard located in the Bell Mountain AVA. Bell Mountain is a sub-AVA of the Hill Country AVA and so we are still able to consider Granite Hill an estate vineyard.